Ai Weiwei: The Internet vs. The Chinese Government

Free information and communication on Internet is forbidden in China. So you’re facing so-called a great firewall to block all the major international Internet servers. And within China you have 100,000 Internet police just sitting there delete all blog or whatever the information they think we cannot appreciate about. But still, the Chinese twitter and […]

5 Reasons Why COMMUNISM Does NOT Work

You know in a perfect society everyone would have equal access to food shelter in every other form of basic resource necessary not only for survival but for living a good quality life you know truly realized utopia there would be not the smallest hint of racism sexism and every other form of discrimination and […]


*some type of music* can you feel it? the pressure of the box now as you can see this is no ordinary box this is THE box you can tap it you can brake reality as we know it no one has come even close to figuring out what this box is the box can […]

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