Teaching Obama Politics

this episode and the young turks is brought to you might not the best mobile and wet music service sign up for a fourteen day free trial and mom dot com slash seems like you mark president obama’s press coverage today you explain the cave in on the tax cuts let’s start with put number […]

Wisconsin Protests – Where Is Obama?

the now it’s all about the politics of what’s happening in wisconsin where does the national party stand on this and how the president where a sikh why they have you with a milwaukee t_v_ station off thursday present of almost in a previous collective bargaining rights them somewhere for from another wisconsin where you’re […]

Cenk on CNN – McCain Campaign Desperation

roy stop within the zone in on the election twenty nine days to the election the campaign taking another telnet exhibit a governor sarah palin levenson operation recent acts against senator barack obama news clip are playing the first times with political radical william ayers and either he was a domestic terrorist and part of […]

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