DJI – On the Set with Ronin-SC

We’re here in Cape Town, South Africa shooting the commercial for the all-new Ronin-SC. We’ve chosen each beautiful location to showcase the various features. We took what users liked about the Ronin-S and packed them into a more compact and lighter product. One of the most important aspects was to reduce the overall weight without […]

I Broke The Law! (Vlog 1)

Shhh! I have to sneak up on them. Ha Ha! Rise and shine. It’s time to play! Ha ha ha ha! Okay. I’m nuts. Here goes. Here what goes? I don’t know. Here I am in the middle of our TPG studios, which is Al’s old house. Where he used to live and now it’s […]

Honest Government Ads | Behind the Scenes 2019

Hey everyone, Giordano here from The Juice Media I hope you’ve enjoyed another year of Honest Government Ads In terms of achievements this year, we’ve managed to piss off at least one government other than Australia’s The Government of Indonesian decided to block our Visit West Papua video across the nation Many Indonesians lol’d as […]

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