Now That's Progressive

they are just blaring whistles trying to drown out trunk to the children cry Trump is golfing by-and-by we're here for the Trump portion Trump's little rally thing for the 4th of July celebrations and without fail the clown world liberals brought the one and only Trump baby diaper balloon this is like the tenth […]

Political PAPI meets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

political poppy meets Alexandria Ocasio Cortez this was an interesting event as soon as we got there I was interviewed by a man who seemed to be from like Eastern Europe or some shit don't forget these two guys they're very important they're going to come up again later in this video [Applause] yeah just […]

Free Healthcare for WHO??

should everyone include illegal immigrants coming into the country deserve free health care yes last week during the second round of the Democratic debates aka the clown show every single candidate up on stage raised their hand in favor of free health care for illegal immigrants we're gonna see with the voters in Cleveland Ohio […]

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