Israel has welcomed other political critics. How Trump made Omar and Tlaib different

AMNA NAWAZ: We return to our top story, Israel banning two Muslim-American congresswomen from entry. In a tweet this morning, President Trump said Israel would show, quote, great weakness by allowing the congresswomen to enter. He added that the representatives, quote, hate Israel and all Jewish people. The president has targeted the two representatives repeatedly, […]

With failure to form political coalition, has Israel's Netanyahu lost his 'magic’?

JOHN YANG: Second, by second the clock ranout last night on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to form a coalition government. So, the legislature, called the Knesset, votedto dissolve itself barely a month after it was sworn in, sending the country into anunprecedented redo election. Afterward, the prime minister sounded confident. BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Israeli Prime […]

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