About Parliament: Making a Law

#Music# One of the main roles of the Parliament, is to make laws for the people of Australia Under Australia’s Constitution, the federal Parliament makes laws on important national matters, such as defence, immigration, taxation and even marriage. A proposal for a new law or a change to an old one is called a bill. […]

Parliament 101

[MUSIC PLAYING] Parliament is the supreme legislative power in New Zealand and is made up of two parts– the Sovereign, represented by the Governor General, whose role it is to open and dissolve Parliament at election time, and officially sign off laws once Parliament has passed them, and the House of Representatives, made up of […]

How does a bill become Law?

Parliament passes laws that affect the whole country. Everything from communications regulations to food safety to Canada’s space program. But where do laws come from and how are they created? Ideas for laws can come from anywhere – a community, a political party’s platform, or issues raised by citizens – like you! Once written out, […]

Why Governments Should Invest in Innovation

I think people are underestimating what we can do in this next generation, if we make innovation a priority. The good ideas, the inventiveness, are waiting to be tapped into. In the energy space, we need a breakthrough that gives us reliable, cheap energy that’s completely clean. We need to back researchers so they can […]

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