Why The United States Isn’t A True Democracy

With the 2016 US Presidential election in full swing, many candidates have fallen back on praising American democracy. In an interview with Time, Hillary Clinton said “we have to knit this democracy back together”. Clearly, the presidential election is the purest expression of the democratic process… right? Well, not exactly. In fact, not only is […]

Bush is a Communist

let me know this but i wanna make you aware george was the comics these nationalize more companies private companies think you’ve got troubles as far as i know certainly in greater in uh… wealth does companies are in the words if you go shoppin centralized all right now america might have more nationalized private […]

CATFIGHT: Trump vs Lindsay Graham

>>Senator Lindsey Graham tapped into his warmonger characteristics by essentially calling Donald Trump weak for calling off an air strike against Iran after they shot down the US drone. In a tweet he wrote, the measured response by president Donald Trump regarding the shooting down of an American drone was clearly seen by the Iranian […]

Harry Shearer: Found Objects – The Florida Republican Debate

REHEARSAL HOST: The US Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum. And ladies and gentlemen, the Republican candidates for President of the United States. Photo spray, photo spray. And now please rise for our National Anthem performed by the University of North Florida Chamber Singers. [WHISTLING “THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER”] [LIGHT APPLAUSE] REHEARSAL HOST: And candidates, please take […]

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