Republican Dog Whistle Politics

endeavor on a campaign as a shiny neutral dog whistle as not to get shame us off the roof of romney’s car in recent days running is sort of sitting in a hammering the president carter jobs the economy but instead over his other dis foreign life as a child just yesterday he was romney […]

Politics And Religion

Somebody asked me this week, “Why do you only talk about religion, and not about other things?” Well, when you talk about religion, you really are talking about other things in the modern world, if you’ll pardon that euphemism for what we’ve actually got. Indeed, some people even talk about religion now in terms of […]

PNAC at work – The TV NEWS on 9/11

repeat after me I'm George Walker Bush do some in 2000 he brought with him some of the most conservative foreign policy voices and the Republican party chief among them were Vice President Dick Cheney Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and deputy secretary for defense Paul Wolfowitz all of whom had served together previously in […]

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