Election Day 2018

Well, Hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching! I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek and I wanted to do a random video for you all. You know, I was thinking about what I was saying about a week or so ago and, you know, in my mind I was thinking I want to do this Pizza review […]

The Decline of Yuppie Journalism

To talk about the “death of journalism” has been somewhat of a cliche for awhile now. But with the announcement of mass layoffs from Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and VICE that have risen to 2,100 journos, it’s finally ringing true. From BuzzFeed’s imploding claim that Trump told his attorney to lie to Congress to the media’s […]

Who Are You With On Election Day?

(upbeat music) – Elect Donald Trump as our president. – I’m voting for Hillary because I’m a feminist and he’s a psychopath. – I believe that Donald Trump will lower our taxes, repeal Obamacare, and just make America great again. – I’m voting for Hillary because in my opinion she’s the most qualified candidate for […]

Men Try On A Police Uniform

– You don’t even really see the face of the police officer. All you see is the uniform. (calm music) – My general impression of the police, growing up, was that they were here to protect us and serve us. – The police have been ever present in my life. – Both my grandfathers were […]

Democracy Is Sexy

(percussive music) – Hi, I’m Dil Passings, a representative from your area. I’m here to make all your legislative dreams come true. – Are you a constituent looking for a representative? (echo) – Do you ever stay up all night wishing someone would just listen to your voice? – Call us for some good, legal, […]

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