Who Are You With On Election Day?

(upbeat music) – Elect Donald Trump as our president. – I’m voting for Hillary because I’m a feminist and he’s a psychopath. – I believe that Donald Trump will lower our taxes, repeal Obamacare, and just make America great again. – I’m voting for Hillary because in my opinion she’s the most qualified candidate for […]

Men Try On A Police Uniform

– You don’t even really see the face of the police officer. All you see is the uniform. (calm music) – My general impression of the police, growing up, was that they were here to protect us and serve us. – The police have been ever present in my life. – Both my grandfathers were […]

Democracy Is Sexy

(percussive music) – Hi, I’m Dil Passings, a representative from your area. I’m here to make all your legislative dreams come true. – Are you a constituent looking for a representative? (echo) – Do you ever stay up all night wishing someone would just listen to your voice? – Call us for some good, legal, […]

Law School Horror Stories

– You can swim in my tears, that’s how much I cried in law school. (quirky music) – So I went into law school doe-eyed, ready to work hard, but not really understanding what I was getting into. – I feel like I blocked a lot of it out. Law school is traumatizing. – Basically, […]

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