Wilson-Raybould talks about Trudeau ethics report, SNC-Lavalin controversy | Power & Politics

We heard from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today doubling down on no apology one day after the ethics commissioner ruled he violated conflict of interest rules in the SNC-Lavalin controversy. Earlier this year, Trudeau and members of his staff were accused of inappropriately pressuring former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybold to intervene in a criminal case […]

Canada. History of Canada in a Nutshell.

Canadians some think, hockey Beavers and snow but do we see the whole picture? Hear the story of Canada… The first Europeans who reach the coast of present-day Canada are the Vikings. In 1001 a viking named Leif Eriksson sails off the Iceland, discovers the Greenland and decides to explore further to reach a new […]

Canada’s New Shipping Shortcut

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Hover. Get 10% off your custom Domain from Hover with the code “Wendover” at checkout. The Arctic will be perhaps the single most influential region on earth in the coming century and yet almost no-one even lives there. Eight nations have territory above the Arctic Circle—Denmark […]

Trump talks Canadian politics | 22 Minutes

In a somewhat disturbing show of patriotism at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference Donald Trump embraced the American flag in a bear hug. What was even more disturbing for Canadians was what he said after that. That’s right look at me, I’m humping the flag. I just walked up and started humping. I didn’t […]

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