When Governments Cut Spending

What history, and both recent history and the most distant past history tells us is that bringing your spending under control through budget cuts and stringency bears big dividends in the short term and the medium term. Obvious case is Canada. Canada’s public finances in the 1990s were in a truly terrible mess. They took […]

Building Smarter Government Through Transfer Payment Consolidation

Minister Bethlenfalvy>>We are building a government that our children and our grandchildren can be proud of. So today’s announcement highlights the great work underway to modernize how government funds transfer payments 90% of our government program spending is in the form of transfer payments. This funding provides support for non-profits, healthcare, education and Human Services. […]

Justin Trudeau, + inclusion – populism

We’re seeing a tremendous tension between internationalism and nationalism and populism. Economic growth is benefiting only a few in society and not many in society and I think the most important thing to figure out is how to make sure that economic growth can be inclusive, so that everyone in the middle class and working […]

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