Election interference is happening in Canada: What you can do to stop it

[distortion] Adrienne Arsenault: Distortion is a certaintyand there’s no point declaring it can’t happen here.It’s already here.[interference]So what are we going to do about it?About misinformation and those who would mess with our mindsand elections.[interference]We tapped those who’ve been tracking the threatto democracies for yearsfor some solid advice on what to watch for.[interference]Taylor Owen of […]

Election Risk Monitor: Canada

The context in which we’re operating here, with the Election Commission, is an international trend toward malicious interference in democratic processes. And I think we should be under no illusions in Canada — we face those same threats in the federal election, which will be held in October of 2019. The threats that I’m talking […]

Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019

Announcer: Exactly two weeks from tonight,Canadians will decide who to invite or invite backto this place —Parliament Hill, The House of Commons.♪ ♪For 27 days, the six main party leaders have been travellingthe country, making pitches and promises.Tonight, they will defend and deconstruct their ideas live.Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.NDP’s Jagmeet Singh.Elizabeth May […]

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