Democratic Socialism: Revolution or Reform?

There is no room for reform. We have a broken system. We need to start over. The power of solidarity gets results right away. The next stage, the yearning to do better, that’s socialism. We’re for transforming the relations of people’s power in society. Puerto Ricans will get revenge. We seek to totally abolish the […]


Hey! Hello you! How are you doing? good? Yeah, well I wanted to make another video about emancipation but I had to change a bit my subject because really something horrible happens here in Belgium did you see the results of the Europeans elections? Yeah, well in Belgium it was also the federal election and […]

PHILOSOPHY – Aristotle

Aristotle was born around 384 BC in the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia where his father was the royal doctor. He grew up to be arguably the most influential philosopher ever, with modest nicknames like ‘the master’ and simply ‘the philosopher’. His first big job was tutoring Alexander the Great who, soon after, went out […]

Capitalism vs. Socialism: A Soho Forum Debate

Capitalism is unstable, capitalism is unequal, and capitalism is fundamentally undemocratic. I want people to make their own choices about how they live their lives, the professions they lead, where they want to work, and what they do. And capitalism offers that potential. Slavery it did it with masters and slaves, feudalism did it with […]

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