The Fragility of Good Government

it’s an enormous and very rare privilege to have lived in the days of good government across nations and centuries few people have ever done so by a rare bit of of luck certain groups in a few corners of the globe tasted decades of this remarkable anomalous blessing they might foolishly especially if they […]

A Communist Carrot of Wisdom

Frank The Capitalist: Alright, boys. I want this carrot field completely harvested by sundown or you are both out of a job. Glue The Horse: Yes, sir. Mr. Frank, sir. We’ll pick every last one of these fresh, juicy, yummy carrots. Neckybeard: I don’t look pretty good. Glue: You don’t mind if we eat a […]

Ideas at the House: Slavoj Žižek – Demand the Impossible: Communism, Festival of Dangerous Ideas

(APPLAUSE, CHEERING) Thank you very much. I am proud to be here. So let me begin with my favourite Catholic theologist, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, who ironically proposed to install a special corps of policemen, policemen who are also philosophers. This is quote from Chesterton’s ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’, quote, “The work of the philosophical […]

Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives – Communist Rule in Slovakia

For 40 years, the small country of Slovakia was one of several Soviet-controlled nations held behind the Iron Curtain. At that time Slovakia and the Czech Republic were united as one nation, called Czechoslovakia. In 1989, Czechoslovakia liberated itself from Soviet control. Virtually overnight, their communist nightmare had ended. But after independence, people struggled through […]

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