Trump vs Friedman – Trade Policy Debate

I'll be the greatest jobs president that God ever created I'll take them back from China from Japan from Mexico Ford is building a two and a half billion dollar factory car planned manufacturing plant for cars trucks and parts in Mexico you keep them you put a penalty on a tariff or whatever you […]

V&A Gallery at Design Society, Shekou

design society is truly pioneering project the first of its kind between a British Museum and a state-owned Chinese company the V&A was originally invited by China Merchants to participate in a new initiative to establish a cultural platform a cultural institution in Shenzhen and then it was decided that this institution would be focusing […]

Student Researches Communist Ideology in Shanghai

I'm in Shanghai and I'm doing a project onChinese laborers, interviewing Chinese white-collar workers especially in majorcities. I'm trying to figure out whether the party rhetoric or the officialideology of the Communist Party is still influential among Chinese people. Do they still believe in these ideologies? These interviews take place in coffee shops orrestaurants or […]

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