CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate at Mesa Arts Center – February 22, 2012

>>REPORTER: The presidential race has been won by Governor Ronald Reagan of California.>>REPORTER: George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States.>>REPORTER: Governor Clinton is now President Bill Clinton.>>REPORTER: Too close to call.>>WOLF BLITZER: There it is, George W. Bush reelected. Barack Obama, president-elect of the United States.>>ANNOUNCER: This is CNN.>>[END VIDEO CLIP]>>KING: […]

Unhinged Celebrities Losing It! Want Trump Assaulted, Rename Republican Party To ‘The Rape Party’

Multiple Hollywood personalities have gotten involved with politics and it’s becoming extremely unhinged. Actress Molly Ringwald has taken it upon herself to rename the Republican Party to ‘The Rape Party” and she’s facing quite a bit of criticism from citizens accusing her of calling them “rapists” simply for their political affiliation. Ringwald, 50, best known […]

13 Maine Republicans Leave Republican Party

very interesting what’s going on in Maine 13 mean republicans have decided to leave the republican party they cited a really long list of problems and in this was in a letter that was obtained by the Bangor Daily News and they single out the Republican National Committee congressional Republicans Maine Republican legislators and Governor […]

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