How the organisation of elections affects your vote

Elections are essential to all democracies. They determine leaders, representation and how to decide crucial issues. While huge resources are devoted to understanding and predicting elections in the Brexit referendum over 20% of voters made up their minds within a week of the vote. Our findings suggest that there is something very unique about the […]

What’s the best conspiracy theory?

Conspiracy theories are funny because conspiracies are actually true. Oh I love conspiracy theories! There’s like so many out there. …that the moon landing didn’t happen. I’ve read a lot about the moon landing being …faked in a Hollywood basement I don’t believe it. The biggest one is the Illuminati. It has to be the […]

WMU welcomes K-9s to police force

Our law enforcement philosophy here in Western is a community policing engagement education and enforcement. Which we want students to be comfortable you know around our officers, approaching our officers asking questions. Not just about things that are going on, just so they’re comfortable with the officers and that the K-9 unit is going to […]

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