HPSC0124 – Science in Government

I’m Melanie Smallman, and I’m talking about the second year module Science in Government, which is HPSC0124. Science in Government is a module that, surprisingly, looks at how science is dealt with in government. So students might have already done courses on science policy, how science is managed, and how its funded. This specifically looks […]

University of Wisconsin Law School Building Tour

Rebecca Scheller: Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Law School. And thanks for joining us for today’s tour. My name is Rebecca Scheller, and I’m the assistant dean for admissions and financial aid. I’d like to introduce your tour guides: Paul Borovay and Erica Zurawsky. So enjoy the tour, and On Wisconsin. Paul: Thanks, Rebecca. […]

Make It: Super Assembly

[APPLAUSE] hello and welcome to the make it super assembly live from the Shankill leisure centre here in Belfast today we have pupils from across Belfast joining us to find out what it’s like to be at the top of your game in your chosen sport [INTRO MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] well now joining us today are […]

Why is Election Day on a Tuesday?

Americans are about to go to the polls on Tuesday. You might wonder, why Tuesday, and why November? The date of national elections is set by law, not the constitution. And it has been on the first Tuesday, after the first Monday of November since 1875. Why the beginning of November? It all comes back […]

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