PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan 9, 2020

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: The U.S. now believes an Iranian missile brought down a Ukraine-bound passenger jet, killing all on board. Then: balance of power. As the U.S. and Iran de-escalate tensions, House Democrats move to restrict the president’s ability to call military strikes. And rollback. The White […]

In Taiwan, presidential election brings long-simmering tensions with China to the surface

JUDY WOODRUFF: Voters in Taiwan elect their next president on Saturday. For decades, the island’s status has been a contentious issue between the United States and mainland China. The communist government in Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province that needs to ultimately come under its control. The United States considers the island a real democracy, […]

Brexit Election? What About Yemen…

Its incredibly frustrating for me when people keep calling it the Brexit election. I’m like, you think about, what’s the worst things that the British state is doing right now? The worst is climate change, and its almost in a different category altogether, not dealing with climate change is just a death sentence for…for…you know, […]

Democratic Socialism: Revolution or Reform?

There is no room for reform. We have a broken system. We need to start over. The power of solidarity gets results right away. The next stage, the yearning to do better, that’s socialism. We’re for transforming the relations of people’s power in society. Puerto Ricans will get revenge. We seek to totally abolish the […]

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