The Law of Democracy [No. 86]

So one of the oddities of the US Constitution is how little it has about the mechanics of ah the democratic process itself. There are some rules. Ah we know, for example, that the states uh are going to decide for themselves how to do districts, how to conduct elections, what the voter qualifications are […]

Latin America’s Right Is Poised To Retake Power

In the early 2000’s, protests swept across Latin America, leading to the rise of progressive leaders and left-leaning political parties. The trend started with the election of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 1999, then spread to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Paraguay. This so-called ‘Pink Tide’ of left-wing politics dominated Latin America […]

Roe v. Wade: The Power of a Law Review

There were plenty of articles leading up to Roe versus Wade proposing ways to make abortion a constitutional right. There was a law professor named Roy Lucas at the University of Alabama Law School. He published an article in the, uh, North Carolina Law Review that advocated and sought judicial intervention with respect to the […]

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