How does representative government work?

Etched in stone in the rotunda of the Capitol are the words “Here, sir, the people govern.” Those words were spoken by Alexander Hamilton when he asked what Congress represented. To the framers of the Constitution, the Congress was the first branch of government, the place where the people’s representatives met to decide the people’s […]

16. Athenian Democracy (cont.)

Professor Donald Kagan: I was trying to describe to you how the Athenian democracy in its full form, after the reforms that were instituted by Pericles, after the death of Ephialtes, how that system worked and I had described what we would call the legislative branch and the much less significant executive branch, and now […]

Responsible Government

RAY WRIGHT: Responsible Government was introduced to Victoria on 23rd November 1855 and that was the day that the Constitution of Victoria was proclaimed. By responsible government, or the term that we tend to use today is accountable government, in the 1850s it meant a government or an executive that was chosen from within the […]

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