World’s Best Mother-in-Law!

(funky music) Dares Sanigara. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning, Dares. Good morning. Who is this, your lawyer? No, I’m just a son-in-law just helping. Son-in-law? Inspector Quinn, this guy’s try to butter up his mother-in-law. Well, it’s close to Christmas. I really hope mine isn’t watching. (laughter) I don’t know how I’m going to […]

Police made me do it!

(funky upbeat music) Hello, your honor. Carrie, good morning. Good morning. Carrie, you’re accused of going through a red light on Service Road 7 and Broadway. We’re gonna show you a video of that. I watched the video myself. I only wish that it had audio. If you noticed, there’s a policeman right in front […]

A New Title and The Law Abiding Citizen

(upbeat, rhythmic music) (swooshing) It’s a beautiful day, Your Highness. Beautiful day? Yes. Once you live to see the day, Your Highness, it’s beautiful. Did you call me Your Highness? I want to change your title, sir. You trying to butter me up? Instead of Your Honor, Your Honor, I want to change it to […]

A very bad day.

(upbeat music) Tonya Lay. Inspector Glen, these are six plates all for review. We’re gonna have to have to go through them. Yeah, no, no what is was, Judge, was I think she had to, make payments. What’s the note say? You were to pay $10 a week for 15 weeks. If all 15 payments […]

I Need New Friends!

(upbeat music) Karissa Kararao. Good morning Karissa. Good morning. Karissa you have two registrations. On the, Volkswagen, you have a red light violation on Eddie Street and Dudley Street. Okay, we’re gonna look at it. Okay. Where were you going? To the hospital. I wasn’t driving my friend was, I had actually just fractured my […]

Father Son Bonding

(funky upbeat music) Pelegrin. Morning, Your Honor. Morning, sir. You were charged with speeding on Huntington Avenue. You have a good driving record. According to my record you have not had any violations in the last three years, so you qualify to have the case dismissed on your good driving record. Or you can challenge […]

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