Wisconsin Protests – Where Is Obama?

the now it’s all about the politics of what’s happening in wisconsin where does the national party stand on this and how the president where a sikh why they have you with a milwaukee t_v_ station off thursday present of almost in a previous collective bargaining rights them somewhere for from another wisconsin where you’re […]

Wisconsin & Anonymous Strike Back!

the fourteen wisconsin democratic state senators may have lost the battle to block of our walkers union-busting bill but overall we might have begun to win the war i’ll tell you how first the state senators were welcomed home a style of the biggest rally says the state’s budget showdown began more than three weeks […]

Wisconsin Governor Holds Jobs Hostage

the entire brought to you by carbonite online backup get a free trial carbonite dot com by using the promo code t y t annual also gets two months preview decided by and we thought of the biggest issues in the country and that’s what’s going on with scouts now that uh… uh… dever that’s […]

Obama Sells Politics of Austerity

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Washington. And in Washington on Monday, President Obama gave a press conference where he spoke about the fight with the Republican Party over raising the debt ceiling. And here’s a little bit of what he said. BARACK OBAMA: I have been hearing from […]

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