Catching Tiny Fish With Tiny Rods

(fun happy music) – [Narrator] Many modern-day fisherman have a big fish story. But in Ancient Japan, the tiniest fish was the big catch. (speaking in foreign language) (moves into dreamy music) The art of tanago tsuri is named after the tanago fish- one of the smallest fish in the world. (speaking in foreign language) […]

A Football League of Their Own

(upbeat music) – [Sam] Girls are just as good as boys in anything. We know how to hit, we know how to run, and we can definitely play football. (girls chanting) – Go, go, go, go. – So, when I heard boys chanting, ‘Beat that girl, beat that girl.’ All it made me want to […]

Police Car Chase At Gun Point

When the policemen turn on their siren, another passenger flees. Before we had time to get out and film, the policemen hidden by the gray car has already taken out his weapon. The red vehicle takes off. The chase begins after. After a minute long chase… -He was running in the woods, outbound. The vehicle […]

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