#WashWeekPBS full episode: A special edition on President Donald Trump and impeachment

ROBERT COSTA: Tonight, a special edition: President Trump and impeachment. REPRESENTATIVE ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): (From video.) This president believes he is above the law. COSTA: A divided nation. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: (From video.) It’s a hoax. It’ a disgrace. It’s an embarrassment to our country. COSTA: And an embattled president. We go inside this moment […]

Bernie Sanders slams Howard Schultz

Bernie Sanders announces 2020 run: “We’re going to win” So senator Sanders, you’re gonna run for president. I am going to run for president. That’s correct. What’s gonna be different this time? We’re gonna win. We are gonna also launch what I think is unprecedented In modern American history and that is a grassroots movement. […]

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