2020 Iranian legislative elections: What’s next for Iran and the West? | IN 60 SECONDS

There is a battle for control in Iran between far-right hardliners and relative moderates. Hardliners generally support aggressive foreign policy and reject even limited political and economic freedoms. Moderates contrastingly support the Iran nuclear deal and some economic reform, like more trade with Europe. But in Iran’s 2020 parliamentary elections the regime disqualified most moderate […]

How To Vote In Iowa 2020

Hello Iowa! If you want to vote this November, first you need to make sure you’re registered. There’s a link in the description below where you can check whether you’re registered already. If you aren’t registered, or if you’ve moved or changed your name since the last election and need to update your registration, there […]

How To Vote In Delaware 2020

Hello Delaware! If you want to vote in November’s Presidential election, first you have to be registered. There’s a link in the description where you can go check if you’re registered right now. If you aren’t registered, or have changed your name or moved counties since the last election, and you have a valid Delaware […]

Ironworker (Episode 54)

There are many steps between a blueprint and a finished building. Today, we meet one of the key players involved in construction. These workers install and assemble what is essentially the skeleton of a building. Let’s meet the iron worker. Hi. I’m Viviana. Hi! I’m Lisa. Nice to meet you! It’s nice to meet you! […]

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