About Parliament: What is Parliament?

#Music# The federal Parliament meets here at Parliament House in Canberra to represent the people of Australia. This is the place where laws are made and where issues of national importance are debated and dealt with. It’s where government is formed and where government is held accountable for its actions. In Australia, the Parliament is […]

About Parliament: The Senate

#Music# The main work of the federal Parliament is shared between two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives. This is the Senate. Senators are elected as representatives of Australia’s states and territories. The Senate chamber is arranged in a horseshoe shape with the President of the Senate sitting at the front. There are […]

SOCIOLOGY – Émile Durkheim

Émile Durkheim is the philosopher who can best help us to understand why capitalism makes us richer and yet frequently more miserable. He was born in 1858 in the little french town of Épinale near the German border. Before he was forty, Durkheim was appointed to a powerful and prestigious position: as a professor at […]

PLATO ON: The Forms

Asking one’s self and others what the perfect version of something is the ideal version might sound like a strange idea What is the perfect marriage? or career? or system of government? or school? It can feel immature and naïve to bother much with such questions they’re just daydreams. After all: who cares about ideal […]

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