How the German Government Works

This is Germany, it’s a country in Central Europe that’s about the size of the US state of Montana or slightly smaller than Japan. If you’re still having any trouble finding it, it’s right next to Słubice, Poland. Germany’s federal government meets in the capital and largest city of Berlin, so aside from tourists taking […]

International Law | LouvainX on edX | Course About Video

PIERRE D’ARGENT: International law is all around us. We travel across territories and over the oceans. We buy goods from faraway places. Trade expands. People migrate. Human rights violations are increasingly complained about. Endangered species are protected. Diplomats meet, negotiate, and contract treaties. International crimes are prosecuted, states settle their disputes in courts and through […]


One of the things that most strongly differentiates modern from traditional societies is the business of rituals. Broadly speaking, modern ones have very few of them; Traditional ones have a lot of them. What is a ritual? It’s a periodic invitation by your society, typically by its religion, to come together with other people for […]

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