Microchipped Employees in Wisconsin | The Daily Show

I’m here in Wisconsin, land of beer, cheese and real-life dystopian technology that’s gonna control your every move. A Wisconsin-based company, Three Square Market, announced its plans to install rice-sized microchips in its employees. SLOAN: That’s right. This company is shoving microchips into their employees, and this movement is spreading worldwide. NEWSMAN: In Sweden, thousands […]

Slave Labor In Wisconsin?

a earlier in the in the year uh… in wisconsin as well he solved the the people the fact that the people with the money the people that came in like scott walker the governor of wisconsin wanting to reform the union saying that they’re taking too much of the pockets of the business people […]

Wisconsin Protests – Where Is Obama?

the now it’s all about the politics of what’s happening in wisconsin where does the national party stand on this and how the president where a sikh why they have you with a milwaukee t_v_ station off thursday present of almost in a previous collective bargaining rights them somewhere for from another wisconsin where you’re […]

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