Geography Now! CONGO (Democratic republic)

Hey geograpeeps! Okay, let’s take a poll. Who here is old enough is remember when this country was named “Zaire”? Yeah? Alright, 90’s kids. Ah yeah! I feel so old. (Geography Now opening jingle) It’s time to learn geography… NOW! Hey everybody, we’ve reached our first set of twin countries the Congos and you’re in […]

Knowledge and Democracy – Why evidence matters

How are policies made? Ideally by taking the best decision after weighing the facts. The outcome should also reconcile the different values that exist in our society. Reality looks different: the amount of information to be considered is increasingly complex and overwhelming. And often our biases distort how we process this information. As a result, […]

Are Your Political Beliefs Genetic?

The human brain is complex and people’s brains are different based on a whole bunch of different things. But as America enters yet another election season I gotta know, does our physiology shape our politics or vice versa? This ought to get that comment section jumping jumping like it’s 1999. Theme song time! I’m gonna […]

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