Episode 25, Nationalism

you're listening to serious conversations and sex religion politics and other things in this episode you'll hear that my track is rather quiet so we do apologize for that I said of this you'll barely be able to make out that we're discussing nationalism in today's world so we'll talk about some of the problems […]

The Black Bloc: Inside America’s Hard Left

Fear is a part of our tactics. We do want Nazis to be afraid toorganize in public. It's our job to go outthere and say: No, we're not going to allow you tospread these ideas. Philadelphia make it clear, fascists are not welcomed here. Politically, I'm ananarcho-communist and I'm an anti-fascist. And right now, I'm […]

European Meltdown: The New Face of French Nationalism (VICE on HBO Ep. #4 Extended)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: Europe's youthhave taken to the streets. They're arming themselves, andthey're fucking shit up. POLICE: Get back! Push back! SHANE SMITH: And much likewhat happened during the prolonged economic downturn ofthe Great Depression, extreme political parties continue togain support, to the anger and the frustration of the people. SERGE AYOUB: [SPEAKING FRENCH] […]

The Mechanics of Globalist Control

the pushback in France against the globalists by the populace by the regular people continues and is escalating macro is apparently going to call in the army because on Saturday there is supposed to be a huge wave of demonstrations and riots and yes the anarchists have shown up and apparently some Marxist protesters actually […]

Hegel, The First Corporatist

all right so we're gonna talk about Hegel again today in my last video on Hegel I talked about how Hegel was in many ways the first fascist how he laid the groundwork how he laid the foundation for people like Giovanni Gentili and this was that not only through his philosophical idealism but but […]

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