Elections 2020 Guide | Who’s Who?

Tortured and dismembered 17-year-old children. More than 10,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets, nearly 4,000 of whom are children. Victims of homelessness treated like rubbish and facing permanent paralysis after being crushed in “clean-up” operations. Attempted government-led commemorations to members of the Royal Irish Constabulary who worked with the Black and Tans to defend […]

Sinn Féin General Election Broadcast 2016

Luke Kelly once asked, “For what died the sons of Roisin? Was it greed?” One hundred years ago women and men of every class and creed came together to build a new republic. They were teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, dock workers and labourers. They were born of wealth and poverty. They were gaeilgoirí, poets and […]

Ireland | Basic Politics

Island is a to Parliament democracy with an upper house the shaded and the lower house the doll the members of the Shan are appointed by the tea shock University City Council's and a range of other institutions however they hold very little power the real power in Ireland is held by the elected lower […]

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