Parliament committee unanimously adopts resolution calling for withdrawal of Japan’s export curbs

In a show of support for the South Korean government amid heightened Seoul-Tokyo trade tensions…. the parliamentary foreign affairs committee adopted a resolution opposing Japan’s export curbs against the nation. Kim Mok-yeon has the latest. On Monday, the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification committee unanimously voted for the resolution, calling on Japan to withdraw […]

Celebrating AHRQ at 20

(soft music) For twenty years, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has been leading the charge in patient safety, practice improvement, and data and analytics. I’m honored and pleased to share HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s message with you, our valued partners and stakeholders, as we celebrate AHRQ’s 20th anniversary. This year we’re celebrating the […]

What is The Economist’s Open Future project?

For 175 years, The Economist has been doing more than reporting news. It’s been championing values, promoting open societies. I have a dream. Challenging special interests, making the case for decisions based on cold, hard facts. We set the agenda for free trade and globalization. We made the case for same-sex marriage and private space […]

What makes populism popular?

In Martin Eiermann’s new paper, he argues that rising support for populist parties isn’t just because of economic concerns, as is often stated, but cultural ones too. Martin identifies four forms that these blended anxieties take. Frayed Identities, Precarious Futures, Marginalisation and Powerlessness. Let’s briefly take each in turn. Firstly, Frayed Identities. This is the […]

How do UK elections work? | CNBC Explains

Britain is heading to the ballot box for its first December election in almost a century. It could decide both the fate of the U.K.’s departure from the European Union and the future of the world’s fifth-largest economy. So, how does Britain’s voting system work? In a general election, the U.K. is divided into 650 […]

Bernie Sanders Is Running Again. Could He Win? | NYT News

An independent senator known for his Brooklyn accent. “Real change never, ever takes place from the top on down.” Populist message. “The level of wealth inequality in America is grotesque.” And anti-establishment appeal. “Establishment Democrats don’t generate excitement.” Bernie Sanders is jumping into the race for president, again. “Hi, I’m Bernie Sanders. I’m running for […]

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