India's World – India's Foreign Policy

hello and welcome to Raja Sabha television you are watching a brand new edition of India's world with me Frank Rosen Ferrera as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns his attention to governance after his massive electoral victory he will find that a few challenges beckon him on the foreign policy front from managing India's […]

Melissa Davey | Leading medical journalist

Melissa Davey is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading journalists in the health and social arenas. Following her graduation from Curtin University in 2007, Melissa worked for the International Federation of Journalists at the Northern District Times newspaper in Sydney, after which she obtained the only available place as a general news cadet for […]

Venezuela vs France = #WagTheDog

well good morning this is in our crane it's the morning of Friday the 1st of February 2019 who could believe that we're already so far into this new year and as you can see I'm it's somewhat white background and unfortunately I decided that discretion being the better part of valor and pulled the […]

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