Gaia – The future of politics

Gaia a New World Order is born today the 14 August 2054 Racial conflicts ideological conflicts religious conflicts territorial conflicts belong to the past Every man is a world citizen subject to the same law The Internet has driven the change spreading communication knowledge and organization at a planetary level The Pyramids of Egypt the […]

3 ways America is doing politics all wrong

So I am an eternal optimist about how and why we should continue to innovate every aspect of our lives. And that’s science and technology imbuing more efficiencies in how we run businesses, but also how we deliver healthcare and education. So as far as I’m concerned I’ve adopted this same lens as we think […]

Patrick J. Michaels on Climate Change

Patrick Michaels is professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia Cato senior fellow of environmental studies Patrick Michaels the author of three books on meteorology he's the past president of the American Association of state climatologist and author and reviewer on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was the chair of the […]

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