You and Your Government: A guide to government in Canada

You and your government. A guide to government in Canada. LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT: There are three levels of government: Municipal, provincial and federal. The municipal government is responsible for things like city parks, garbage collection and fire prevention. The provincial government is responsible for things like education, health care, energy production and licensing drivers. The […]

Honest Government Advert | War on Satire

hello I’m from the Australian government with an important announcement about a matter of national stupidity it has been brought to our attention that some shit it’s called the juice media have been impersonating us in the series called honest government ads which has been tricking millions of innocent hard-working citizens into believing their government […]

Why Does the Government Pay for Art?

Is art a public good? This question seems to pop up from time to time when budgets are being considered and slashed. But it’s usually framed around the idea of “why is the government even paying for art?” Specific stories enrage or galvanize people even more. Like, the NEA 4 — a group of 4 […]

What If The World Was Communist?

Communists believe in economic equality, where everyone in a society gets equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. They believe in wealth distribution, a classless society. This society is what karl marx described as a perfect utopia. But what if communism took over, so that the whole world became communist? That’s the question we’re […]

#AskAnArchivist Government Documents

Suzanne Reinman, I’m the director of government documents, at the OSU libraries. We are depository for the federal government so we collect publications from all of the federal agencies, both recent and historic, and these are primary source materials. We work to process and preserve these materials for a long-term use into the future. I […]

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