Real Democracy

in my last three videos I have talked about democracy why it's impossible under a state why the systems not broken but works the way it was designed and why democracy as we know it is not that different from dictatorship except that we have a little bit more freedom in this video I'd like […]

Data, systems, and society

We have a new revolution nowwhere societies in general are generating real-time datathat is driving the systems that we operate in. And understanding that designingthe right systems for that is going to be a criticalpiece in the next 20, 50, 100 years going forward. What IDSS– the Institute forData, Systems, and Society– is trying to […]

Sex Ed Policy Needed In Schools

a sex education policy is needed in the nation's schools the call made once again by counseling psychologists of the trinidad and tobago association of psychologists dr. ana-maria mora dr. morrow was speaking at a joint select committee on pub on social services and public administration where the prevalence of teen pregnancies was discussed counseling […]

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