College of Business, Government and Law

The College of Business, Government and Law has a reputation for academic excellence and innovative thinking. More than this, our aim is to cultivate strong, ethical, responsible, and professional values that affect the very fabric of our society. We foster collaboration and the development of ideas in the areas of transformational and technological change, economic […]

10 Disturbing Government Cover-Ups

10. UFOs In World War Two Churchill covered up UFO sightings during WW2 to avert mass panic. RAF pilots reported an arrow-shaped craft hovering beside their planes near the UK coast. 09. Missing Hydrogen Bomb In 1968 the Pentagon hid the loss of a hydrogen bomb from an air crash. Declaring the clear-up complete, they […]

Does Slavery Still Impact Modern U.S. Politics? | Behind the Book with Maya Sen & Matthew Blackwell

[Narrator] The enslavement of African Americans ended 150 years ago. But does it still affect politics today? That’s the question professors Maya Sen, Matthew Blackwell, and Avidit Acharya try to answer in their book, Deep Roots: How Slavery Still Shapes Southern Politics. Their findings demonstrate how historical institutions continue to shape modern, political attitudes. On […]

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