Flor de eva com bombom

hello welcome to my channel, today’s video i will teach you how to make this beautiful souvenir that can be given now including it will be the international women’s day at easter mother’s day, valentine’s day infinity of possibilities isn’t it? it’s her it’s very simple and easy to do and if you are not […]

Morizio Law | Firm Overview

(soft music) – Our firm history is rich in worker’s compensation. We have had some of the most preeminent lawyers in Connecticut representing individuals throughout their worker’s compensation claim. Morizio Law Firm has picked up that mantle and we are excited to bring our representation into 2020 and the new decade. Our team here at […]

India Elections: How Modi Tried to Use a Religious Crisis to Win Votes | The Dispatch

I’m trying to get to Sabarimala Temple, one of India’s holiest Hindu shrines. “You’re going to Sabarimala?” “We’re going to the top.” But it’s not easy. “We go talk to him?” “That man.” “O.K. Let’s go.” There are police everywhere. “Hello, sir.” They seem to be on high alert. “Times?” “New York Times.” “American. American.” […]

Fowler School of Law: Ready for Anything

We came to the Fowler School of Law to become the best lawyers imaginable. In this place, we tackle tangible skills alongside conceptual theory. We seize the opportunity to represent real clients. We strategize with some of the brightest legal minds in the nation. Here, we gain confidence, stretching to see the world through different […]

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