Justin Trudeau, + inclusion – populism

We’re seeing a tremendous tension between internationalism and nationalism and populism. Economic growth is benefiting only a few in society and not many in society and I think the most important thing to figure out is how to make sure that economic growth can be inclusive, so that everyone in the middle class and working […]

Prime Minister Trudeau and President Obama deliver addresses to Parliament

Boring socks today, Bill. Sorry, you’re not going to like the socks. (Laughter) Mr. Secretary (Laughter) (Inaudible) (Applause and cheers) SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Order. (Laughter) So… The Right Honourable the Prime Minister. The Right Honourable Prime Minister. (Applause and cheers) THE RIGHT HONOURABLE JUSTIN TRUDEAU (Prime Minister of Canada): Thank you, Mr. President. Thank […]

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