The Rise of AI

(leaves rustling) As fall breaks out in Canada, I’m reminded of all the beauty, innocence and gun-free fun available from our neighbors to the North. (majestic music) There’s the majesty of Toronto, vast hockey rinks, spectacular batches of poutine, and gallons of maple syrup that you can chug openly and guilt-free for this maple syrup […]

Why political parties run attack ads even if you don’t like them

Announcer: Vassy:You’re pretty much guaranteed to see negative adsduring a Canadian election.Announcer: He’s not as advertised. Vassy:They’re usually put out by political partiesbut third parties run them too.That’s basically any person or organization that spendsa minimum of five hundred dollars on election activitiesand they have to be registeredwith Elections Canada.No matter who’s running the negative […]

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