Here’s What Martial Law In The US Would Actually Look Like

It’s finally happened, a less-than-ethical bioresearch company accidentally released the T-virus. It all started with a cough, some difficulty breathing, and pretty soon Tyrants, zombie dogs, and those gross guys with the long tongues started running rampant. Now there’s only one way to enforce the quarantine that will save America- forget social distancing, it’s time […]

SNW, A Law Firm Built For This Crisis

We imagined a law firm that was ready for anything, from hurricanes to soccer games. We are built for times like these. A law practice built around technology and the collaborative practice of law, we focus on business counsel, personal advice, and litigation. We use the newest technologies to save you money and time. We […]

Kent Law School | University of Kent

I think the biggest reason that I chose Kent was because it’s a critical law school. It teaches you how to challenge the law itself rather than just learn the law and apply it. I find that it’s really interesting to, kind of, look at the law of beneath the surface – why the law […]

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