Political Correctness Is Redpilling America

The other way in which I do agree with my fellow panelists that political correctness has done an enormous amount of harm in the sliver of the population that might be… I wouldn’t want to say persuadable, but certainly whose affiliation might be up for grabs, comes from the often highly literate, highly intelligent people […]

Why Do Politicians All Sound the Same?

Have you ever wondered why politicians from different parties, especially during presidential campaigns, end up saying exactly the same stuff? It actually makes sense that they do. I can tell you why by explaining something called the median voter theorem. Let’s assume you’re a Democratic politician running for election. In a two-party majority rule system […]

LibertyFest Q and A!

Hi you guys I hope you’re all well so I’m actually away at the moment in lovely New Zealand doing a charity gig which is an awful lot of fun so what I have for you today is a Q&A that I did as part of a speech last year at the Liberty fest conference […]

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