The 2016 Election Wrap-Up: The Daily Show

-(laughter) -But let’s get straight into it. If this morning you finally woke up from a coma, well, you might want to go back. NEWSMAN:The most stunning upset in political history…NEWSMAN: It’s Trump.Donald Trump will bethe next president of the United States.(laughter) You know what, no matter how many times I hear that… it still […]

Government Weed Dispensaries | Torontopia

(upbeat music) – Okay, so as you know, we will be shutting down dispensaries and opening up our 80-store legal monopoly on weed. – (clapping) Yeah! – Yes! – Put those criminals behind bars and let’s sell some pot! – Now, first matter of business, who here knows how to sell weed? (ominous silence) – […]

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