How The Left Will Win In 2020

All right, welcome to the Young Turks Jake Huber Jonna I roll with you guys as always big day on the news lots of talk about guns. I’m gonna remind the Right-wing by the Second Amendment. They’re gonna cry that’s gonna be fun What do you good mood? So hood? Mmm, okay. It’s probably because […]

The Politics of Race and Medicare for All

Among high-income countries, universal healthcare is standard – except here in the U.S. Why is that? Here’s a reason you may have never heard before: our failure to pass a national health plan is largely due to America’s history of structural racism. In 1945, Democrats were in control of the House, Senate and the executive […]

Let’s Get Real About Medicare for All

Who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? How much would Medicare for All cost? So Norah a couple things, first of all— Just quickly, just so that people know how much it would cost. But again— Health care costs money. And all this done without a middle-class tax […]

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