How Football Became A Political Tool in Poland

In 2004, the Republic of Poland joined the EU, and was recognised as one of the world’s most promising democracies. Fast forward 15 years, though, and Poland is controlled by PiS, a right-wing nationalist political party that has won the presidency, the majority in parliament, and used its newfound power to seize Polish courts, silence […]

Why Europe’s nationalist parties all sound alike

Three… …European… …politicians They speak different languages… …but they’re all singing the same tune This European Union is a horror show Today’s disorderly Europe is incapable of finding solutions We are going to Europe in order to overturn this Europe And that’s weird… …because one belief that unites these nationalist… …populist European leaders… …is that […]

PROOF of Trump’s Dark Secret

>>A new report by ABC News links 36 different crimes, either violence, intimidation, threats, a variety of different criminal offenses, directly to the President, with fairly stringent requirements for them to include it in that list. And this really goes to the debate that we’ve been having, that the country’s been focusing on mainly since […]

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