What Do Republicans Believe?

As of the fourth Republican Debate, 15 candidates are left competing for the GOP’s presidential nomination. Although the candidates have expressed widely differing views, at the heart of party politics is holding the same values and beliefs. So what exactly do Republicans believe? To start, the Republican Party calls itself “the party of opportunity,” referring […]

How two female Republican senators stood their ground and shaped the health-care debate

The Republicans hurried and harrowing effort to pass a bill repealing, and ideally replacing, the Affordable Care Act, faced persistent opposition from two Republican senators: Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and Susan Collins from Maine. Sidelined from the Republican leadership’s main working group at the beginning of the process, the two lawmakers repeatedly voiced their concerns […]

Obamacare in Trump country

This is Whitley County. Like many counties in this region, voters here overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in November’s election. The county has a median per capita income of around $16,000. It’s 97% white and 88% of the residents over 25 don’t have a college degree. It also happens to be the birthplace for Kentucky Fried […]

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