Ohm’s Law For Vapers

Ok, so you’re looking at building your own coils and you need to know the wattage to set your mod at to fire at the optimal setting, getting the most out of your new masterpiece. Well just hold your horses a little. You’ve clicked on this video because you know that there’s some learning involved […]

Ohm’s Law | #aumsum

Ohm’s Law Welcome to the Tribute to Scientists Association. Presenting, Sir Georg Simon Ohm. Let us study his law. German physicist Georg Simon Ohm stated that the electric current flowing through a metallic wire is directly proportional to the potential difference across its ends, provided its temperature remains the same. This law is called Ohm’s […]

Ohm’s Law – MeitY OLabs

Ohm’s Law Our aim is to determine the resistance per centimeter of a given wire by plotting a graph of potential difference versus current, and hence to determine its resistivity. To do the experiment, we require the following: screw gauge, battery, one way key, rheostat, voltmeter, ammeter, measuring scale and resistance wire. Connect the positive […]

Resistors – Ohm’s Law is not a real law

Ohm’s Law is one of the most basic principles in electronics, yet it is not an actual physical law. Understanding ohm’s law is critical to understanding how electric circuits work. Understanding why it is not an actual physical law is critical to understanding the basic principles of logic and the nature of physical laws. Suppose […]

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