MAN IS BY NATURE A POLITICAL ANIMAL. ARISTOTLE (384–322 BCE). People come together to form households, households to form villages, and villages to form cities. The purpose of our lives is to lead a “good life.” We have developed ways of organizing city-states in order to live a “good life.” Living in a society organized […]

History vs. Che Guevara – Alex Gendler

His face is recognized all over the world. The young medical student who became a revolutionary icon. But was Che Guevara a heroic champion of the poor or a ruthless warlord who left a legacy of repression? Order, order. Hey, where have I seen that guy before? Ahem, your Honor, this is Ernesto Che Guevara. […]

Let us talk about real Nationalism

let us talk about tending to living yes indeed let us talk let's have a talk about other possibilities let's have a talk about better things let us talk about preservation restoration and rebuilding let us talk about chastity virtue glory and renowned as high ideals of honesty Duty loyalty and courageous action willingly undertook […]

Feminism is a Tool of the Oligarchy

Summit's doctrine is all about the patriarchy fighting the patriarchy and empowering women but you would think that the embodiment of the patriarchy that is corporations corporatism the corporate environment you would think that they would be enemy number one of feminist doctrine but we're in fact feminists go out of their way to not […]

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