Building Smarter Government Through Transfer Payment Consolidation

Minister Bethlenfalvy>>We are building a government that our children and our grandchildren can be proud of. So today’s announcement highlights the great work underway to modernize how government funds transfer payments 90% of our government program spending is in the form of transfer payments. This funding provides support for non-profits, healthcare, education and Human Services. […]

Building smarter government

Minister Bethlenfalvy>>Ontario deserves a better, brighter future. That means protecting our core programs and services today – and ensuring its sustainability, now and for future generations. To do that, we need to change the culture of government… To focus on better outcomes… And find ways to improve the customer experience for everyone. You know, that’s […]

UWindsor – Political Science

It was because of the uniqueness of the program. There’s nothing like Law and Politics in the States. In addition to that, I also received scholarships from the Outstanding Scholars program as well as from the University itself. The Law and Politics program is a specialization within the department of political science. It consists of […]

You and Your Government: A guide to government in Canada

You and your government. A guide to government in Canada. LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT: There are three levels of government: Municipal, provincial and federal. The municipal government is responsible for things like city parks, garbage collection and fire prevention. The provincial government is responsible for things like education, health care, energy production and licensing drivers. The […]

Explore Political Science

Do you ever wonder how we protect the environment from our lifestyles? Why racial and Gender inequality still exists? Why people protest against trade agreements? Come explore the factors that influence government decision-making and people’s political behaviour Choose the bachelor of Arts and Political Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Graduate with […]

Laurier Arts: Political Science

The great thing about political science is that you’re not kind of pigeon-holed into one career path. I mean, I have friends who are in law school, I have friends who are in public policy. I’m currently in advocacy. Some end up in political polling and research like I have. Others tend to get a […]

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