India’s Geography Problem

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Build your web presence for 10% by going to India is a bit of an anomaly on the world stage. It’s a massive 1.2 billion person strong country stretching thousands of miles tall and thousands of miles wide with one of the most sizable economies in the […]

The conflict in Kashmir, explained

On February 14th 2019, a suicide bomber attacked a convoy of Indian security forces. “We’re getting reports of multiple casualties in a roadside…” He killed at least 40 Indian soldiers here in Kashmir. “The deadliest attack the region has seen this century.” The bomber was part of an Islamic militant group based in Pakistan. “Jaish-e-Mohammed […]

Pre-Islamic history of the Middle East

In the 14th century a muslim historian named Ibn Khaldun wrote about the ancient empires and how the first civilizations emerged along Major Rivers. The Huang Ho Valley in China, Indus River in Pakistan and more famously the Nile River in Egypt. The Historian wrote how these rivers allowed easy access to trade and commerce […]

How a K Became the UK

Hi, I’m an American. But I do know some things about Not-America. So today on Knowing Better we’re going international and talking about the history of the United Kingdom. Since the history of Britain is like, five times longer than that of America, I’m going to have to skate over some stuff, but mostly just […]

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