DEMOCRAZY: 5 Stars on Trickadvisor

Italy: the country that brought us the inspiration for Hitler and Trump. And it’s still at the forefront of political innovation Europe’s Silicon Valley for terrible democratic movements. Take the neo-fascist Matteo Selfie-ni for instance. But today I’d like to talk to you about another figure. A political entrepreneur who prefers to stay more behind […]

Becoming an Official Agent | Elections Canada

You were asked to become an official agent, but what does that entail? You’ll find out in this module. As an official agent, you have to understand and apply the political financing rules in the Canada Elections Act. Because you will be managing the campaign’s finances, financial or accounting experience comes in handy, although it […]

Voting on Campus | Elections Canada

The federal election is Monday, October 21. Did you know you can vote on campus before election day? This fall there will be more than 120 Vote on Campus offices located across Canada. They will be open for five days, from October 5 to October 9. Campus voting is intended for students, but anyone can […]

Voting Tools and Services | Elections Canada

The federal election is this fall. Elections Canada offers many tools and services to make voting accessible. If you need assistance during the voting process, we’re happy to help. There are a number of tools and services available when you go to vote on election day: Bigger ballot with candidate names in large print Large-print […]

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