All student debt in the US, visualized

And the US feared that they were falling behind. One of our greatest and most glaring deficiencies is the… America newsreels like this one stoked anxieties that the country was wasting its intellectual talents. So in 1958, President Eisenhower signed a bill that let college students borrow up to $1,000 a year from the federal […]

Abraham Hicks 2019 – Your True Power – Inspirational People [Law Of Attraction]

Abraham Hicks Abraham Hicks 2019 Ester Hicks Esther Hicks 2019 Abraham Hicks Rampage Law Of Attraction loa Inspiration Inspire Abraham hicks workshop abraham hicks vortex abraham hicks new abraham hicks success spirituality spiritual growth self development personal development new age new thought abraham hicks love abraham hicks new 2019 abraham hicks allowing abraham hicks live […]

Doki Doki Communism Club

The Union of the indestructible republics Of the free unites the Great Russia forever. Long live the united, mighty Soviet Union, Created by the will of the people! Be glorious, our free Fatherland, Friendship of people, a reliable stronghold! Banner of the Soviet, The banner of the people from victory to victory leads! Glory, country, […]

National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2019

What is so important about this month, October? It is the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). The reason people promote NDEAM is because oftentimes Deaf people and other people with disabilities are not being hired for jobs. NDEAM is important to remind corporations, businesses, the U.S. Government, and states to hire deaf and hard […]

How Should Democracy Really Work?

The term democracy has taken on many different meanings throughout history. Today, the term is so broad that even countries with seemingly undemocratic political structures still call themselves democracies. So then, what is a democracy? Well, simply put, a democracy is a system of governance where everyone IN the group gets an equal say in […]

Militant atheism | Richard Dawkins

That splendid music, the coming-in music, “The Elephant March” from “Aida,” is the music I’ve chosen for my funeral. (Laughter) And you can see why. It’s triumphal. I won’t feel anything, but if I could, I would feel triumphal at having lived at all, and at having lived on this splendid planet, and having been […]

Brazil’s Geography Problem

This video was made possible by Skillshare. Learn from 21,000 classes for free for two months at There are plenty of lines you can draw on the globe but perhaps none is more consequential than the equator. Of the 15 wealthiest countries in the world as measured by GDP per capita, all are in […]

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