When Governments Cut Spending

What history, and both recent history and the most distant past history tells us is that bringing your spending under control through budget cuts and stringency bears big dividends in the short term and the medium term. Obvious case is Canada. Canada’s public finances in the 1990s were in a truly terrible mess. They took […]

Marwan Muhammad on Populism

This is everyone’s responsibility. Because not only the policymakers are responsible for social change. So all of us, as a community living in Europe, we are responsible for addressing any sort of prejudice that occurs in Europe. Of course, different players at different levels have different mechanism for acting on these forms of racism, of […]

Do Government Shutdowns Work?

President Obama recently used executive orders to make major changes to the United States immigration policy, an act that did not sit well with the right. Some Republicans are proposing to fight back against the President’s immigration overhaul with threats of another government shutdown. But, what exactly does it mean to shutdown the government and […]

Obama Lacks Populist Policies

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Baltimore. For another take on last night’s debate between President Obama and candidate Romney, we’re now joined by Jeff Cohen. Jeff is the author of Cable News Confidential. He cofounded the online activism group RootsAction.org, and he previously founded FAIR, which most people […]

The man who rigged America’s election maps

But in North Carolina, the election results were really weird. These squares represent all the voters in North Carolina. They were voting for these 13 seats in Congress. About half voted for Republicans. And about 48 percent voted for Democrats. So you might think, of the 13 Congressional seats, maybe Democrats would’ve won 6 seats, […]

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